Thursday, May 26, 2011

STRAINEYES/NoActionTaken Releases/Distro-Items

RajaSinga "Rajagnaruk" Release-Party and the CD!

On 21st and 22nd of May, RajaSinga just completed their 2-day release-party-show in Kota Kinabalu(KK), Sabah and Kuala Lumpur to celebrate the release of their second album "Rajagnaruk". You can view the related photos at; In KK, its more a Grind-Fest-cum-Release-Party and there are over 15 bands along-side with RajaSinga - including heavy-weight Death Metallers from Sarawak, Vormit; Sabahan long-running Grinders, Perpetual; and from Kuala Lumpur there are Tools Of The Trades (ToTT) and Cafergot. ToTT is also on some-sort of thier tour-series promoting their latest release, Pulse.
Available NOW!!!! STRAINEYES is the only official distribution label for NEGRIJUANA Recs. Rajagnaruk features 14-track of hallucination-green-Death/Grind! Also, RajaSinga first album Pandora is STILL available. You can get both CDs - together at a very special price. Contact; straineyes_AT_gmail_DOT_com. Do you think you can handle this Chee-Meng-Grind?!