Tuesday, September 4, 2012

New distro-stuff available from Straineyes - Must Have!!!

Damokis (Malaysia) - "Grinding Mother Whore" CD.
Finally a full-length that everyone has been waiting for. The last release was a split cassette with GoryVomit (Thailand), this is the lastest offering from the "XXXL Johorean Grindcore"-combo.

Cosmic Vortex (Indonesia) - "Konspirasi Busuk" CD
 Featuring band members of Noxa, HardToKill and Disagree. 10-track of Grind that sounded slightly similar to Noxa. More info go to www.reverbnation.com/cosmicvortex

OBSCENE EXTREME 2012 (Various countries) - the festival CD (This is not a VCD nor a DVD!!!)

41 tracks with previously released tracks like NASUM (Inhale/Exhale), EXHUMED (The Way Of All Flesh), WOLFBRIGADE (Peace of Mind), to name a few, and several unreleased tracks from M:40, REPUKED, BLOCKHEADS, YACĂ–PSAE (2 tacks) dan 5 STABBED 4 CORPSES.
And not forgetting, TOOLS OF THE TRADE - "Fake"; track taken from their split CD with Busuk (Indonesia)

For more info on these CDs (price and postage) do email me : STRAINEYES-at-GMAIL-dot-COM.