Tuesday, September 4, 2012

New distro-stuff available from Straineyes - Must Have!!!

Damokis (Malaysia) - "Grinding Mother Whore" CD.
Finally a full-length that everyone has been waiting for. The last release was a split cassette with GoryVomit (Thailand), this is the lastest offering from the "XXXL Johorean Grindcore"-combo.

Cosmic Vortex (Indonesia) - "Konspirasi Busuk" CD
 Featuring band members of Noxa, HardToKill and Disagree. 10-track of Grind that sounded slightly similar to Noxa. More info go to www.reverbnation.com/cosmicvortex

OBSCENE EXTREME 2012 (Various countries) - the festival CD (This is not a VCD nor a DVD!!!)

41 tracks with previously released tracks like NASUM (Inhale/Exhale), EXHUMED (The Way Of All Flesh), WOLFBRIGADE (Peace of Mind), to name a few, and several unreleased tracks from M:40, REPUKED, BLOCKHEADS, YACĂ–PSAE (2 tacks) dan 5 STABBED 4 CORPSES.
And not forgetting, TOOLS OF THE TRADE - "Fake"; track taken from their split CD with Busuk (Indonesia)

For more info on these CDs (price and postage) do email me : STRAINEYES-at-GMAIL-dot-COM.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Finally - Yes, finally we have 2 CDs out simultaneously. Demisor (Singapore) "Grind Your Life" CD and Tools Of The Trade (Malaysia)/Busuk (Indonesia) Split CD... This is South-East-Asian Grind!

Demisor; without any proper releases, over 7 years or so are back with this CD featuring the old '96~'97 line-up! This is what everyone is waiting for....! This, features 10 old trax re-recorded with fresh new approach, sounded more "Metal" and they seem to left the old Crust-Grind - they once known for.

Tools Of The Trade (Malaysia)/Busuk (Indonesia) Split CD, on the other hand, met up just show that Grindcore has no limitation! These are NOT new bands. Both bands, have gained their own sounds and followers.

 DEMISOR and TOOLS OF THE TRADE will be touring Europe in Summer 2012